Read through the Bible with me

For the first time, 2017, I read through the Bible. Did I read every single word? No. Some days I didn’t show up, some days I only read a portion, and some days I read every morsel and then had dessert, so to speak. But the point is, I read through 2017 and The Word of God was the one constant in all the changes 2017 had in store for me.

I would like to invite you to join me this year. 2017 was such a blessing to me, I want to share what I’ve found with you. I’m talking about giving yourself a gift.

Reading through the Bible is about having something dependable, something steady and constant regardless of the turns our lives take in 2018. We have this one thing that will stand FOREVER. After all is said and done, the Word of God will always be, always remain unchanged, unmoved, steady, it’s a rock we can build upon. And this is what I discovered through 2017. My life, heart, people, family, friends and job changed, and I was not always faithful, but the Word of God never moved. It was there whenever I turned into it.

The Word Of God has power. POWER. Life changing power.

It doesn’t matter when you jump in to join us, it’s not really about getting it all read, cover to cover. It’s about being consistent and learning to depend on the power of God’s Word every day. It’s about creating a new habit, feeding our souls and becoming spiritually healthy, giving space for the Spirit of God to tend to our spirits.

Would you like to join me in this?

To be truly healthy we have to tend to our whole selves, spirit, soul and body. This is the spirit/soul part.

I love you all. For real.


Would you like to join me?

Read Through The Bible With Me: